Learn How Interior Designers Choose Flooring for Their Clients

March 16, 2019

BY Laura Anzures

Interior designers are hired to create custom looks for their clients' upscale homes. They shop for unique fixtures and furnishings not found in average homes. Admittedly, many of the designer floors we carry are a bit pricey. We do, however have some look-a-likes that won't break the budget. Here are some tips for choosing designer flooring to make your home look like a grand estate!

COLOR: The designers we work for tend to steer clear of the most common flooring colors like, Natural, Golden Oak, Gunstock and Walnut, opting instead for unique colors that will wow their clients.  If a designer wants red and black hardwood flooring for a UGA themed man cave, we have it. A couple weeks ago we installed light blue flooring.  Wood flooring with contrasting grain colors is really popular lately. For example, you may have a brown wood with a light grey grain that stands out.  Palmetto Road Flooring has an entire collection of two tone flooring, where the soft grain and hard grain are different colors. 

TEXTURE: Wood flooring used to be waxed and buffed to a high shine in the old days. Now, flooring is available in a variety of finishes from rough and rustic to sleek and shiny.  The key to good design is balance. You want colors and textures that work well together, but you don't want everything to be matching. There should be a few elements that are similar colors, but different textures. For example, an interior designer may choose a rustic floor with knots and saw marks in an high rise condo with glossy surfaces. Some popular textures for hardwood flooring are wire brushed, distressed, kerf cut, and hand scraped. 

SIZE: Traditional hardwood flooring is 2 1/4" and 3 1/4" wide. Designers steer clear of standard, narrow width flooring when shopping for their clients.  Most designers prefer flooring with planks that are at least 5" wide. Designers usually want the extra wide planks for some of the larger estates they work on. While a 10" plank works well in a sprawling estate, most people prefer a plank that is between 5" to 7 1/2" wide. Multi-width flooring is also popular. It resembles antique flooring, where trees of various sizes were cut down and used for flooring. 

Although designers are initially drawn to hardwood flooring for its appearance, they also need to find flooring that suits the lifestyle of their clients. Many designers are selecting the new performance flooring, fortified hardwoods, luxury vinyl and waterproof laminate flooring with high resolution imagery and texture for their clients with large dogs and active households. These floors will last longer than hardwoods and require no maintenance such as refinishing or recoating.  

We offer a free design consulation for clients who want some guidence.  Let us know a bit about your taste and lifestyle and we will help you find the perfect flooring to suit your lifestyle and fit your budget!