Hardwoods - The Eco Friendly Flooring

November 28, 2019

By Laura Mireles

If you haven't considered hardwood flooring as an eco-friendly flooring option, perhaps you should. Here are some factors that make hardwood flooring the greenest flooring option for your home. 

1. Hardwood flooring, when properly maintained, never needs to be replaced. Landfills are loaded with carpet and tile. Hardwoods will last forever with proper care.

2. Reclaimed wood from barns and other demolished structures is re-purposed when it is milled to make reclaimed hardwood flooring. 

3. All hardwood flooring sold in the USA is FSC certified for sustainability. This means, the wood for the flooring comes from tree farms with sustainable forestry practices. There are multiple trees planted to replace each tree that is harvested.

4. Hardwood flooring can be restored with refinishing, rather than replaced when worn. 

5. When hardwood flooring is removed, it is biodegradable, unlike carpet and tile, which take a long time to break down. 

6. Most of the hardwood flooring sold here is grown, milled and manufactured the Southeastern United States. This means it is not freighted across the ocean or trucked across the nation. Local production leaves a smaller carbon footprint.