Flooring That Withstands Underwater Submersion,

Resists Scratches and Dents, Won't Fade or Stain

February 27, 2019

BY Laura Anzures

Waterproof flooring? Scratch and dent resistant! Won't stain or fade!  These are attributes of "Performance Flooring", or flooring that exceeds the standards of regular flooring. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Luxury Vinyl Plank and Wood Plastic Composite flooring are dominating the flooring industry. Flooring manufacturers sat up and took notice when a new product called CoreTec Rigid Core flooring was introduced and immediately started cutting into the hardwood flooring market. Now, all of the flooring manufacturers have their own versions of LVP and WPC flooring.  Armstrong flooring, the parent company of Bruce Flooring, sold off their hardwood division to focus on their other hard surface products, namely, Luxury Vinyl.  

WPC flooring is wood that is fused to plastic. On the surface, it looks like any other wood floor, yet it can be submerged under water for days without warping. You can dance flamenco on it without leaving high heel indentations. It is has a real wood veneer. Nobody will ever know that it is not solid hardwood.  

Here's the bottom line of Performance Flooring:

DURABILITY: The most important attribute of LVP and WPC Flooring is the durability. If you have a massive sized, drooling, four legged baby, you might want to consider performance flooring.  It resists dog scratches and indentations from high heels. It also resists staining, fading and whatever else life throws at it. 

MAINTENACE FREE:  Eventually, hardwood flooring is going to need some TLC. Hardwood flooring has to be refinished or re-coated when the finish wears down.  WPC and LVP flooring doesn't wear down the way a polyurethane finish on hardwoods wears down.  There is no need for refinishing or recoating. Simply damp mop and enjoy the beautiful finish. You won't see worn areas in the kitchen and hallways like you do with hardwoods. 

ADDS VALUE: That's right. Since this flooring has the rich look of hardwoods, and lasts as long as hardwoods, it does add value to your home, just like hardwoods. Other types of flooring are considered temporary. Tile is durable, but tile styles come and go. In 10 years, your tile will look dated. Carpet is also only expected to last 5 - 10 years, depending on wear. Hardwoods, LVP and WPC flooring lasts forever.  And, the look of hardwoods never goes out of fashion. Permanent flooring adds value to your home. 

NUMEROUS DESIGN OPTIONS:  Performance flooring is available in a vast array of options. There are tile offerings that resemble marble, travertine and ceramic tiles and planks that resemble high end European Oak floors. High resolution imagery is used to replicate the look of other types of flooring. Texture is added to the surface to give the feel of real wood or tile. Some of the tile options even have grout lines.  

LOW COST: If you want the look of a $12 per square foot European Oak on a budget, LVP is an affordable option that won't look cheap. You can expect to pay between $3.50 and $6.00 per square foot for top quality performance flooring, not including labor. It is not cheap and should not be confused with laminates and ordinary vinyls. The cost of installation is less than the cost of installing a glued down, engineered floor, making it the perfect choice for installation on a concrete slab. 

VERSATILITY: Performance flooring can be installed anywhere in the home, above and below grade. You can also install it in sun rooms, without constant HVAC and above garages without worrying about seasonal climate changes affecting your flooring. Solid hardwoods are restricted to installation above grade and in rooms with climate control.  

Daniels Floors only sells PREMIUM QUALITY FLOORING. There are loads of cheaper vinyl planks and tiles that will not hold up as well as the flooring we sell. I personally selected flooring that will hold up better than the cheap stuff sold at big box stores, clearance centers, outlets and liquidators.