Sunlight and Hardwood Flooring

What to expect when your hardwood flooring is exposed to sunlight

May 1, 2019

By Laura Anzures

When someone decides to remove carpet and install hardwoods next to existing hardwoods, they usually want to know if it is possible to sand and finish the new flooring to match the existing flooring. In many instances, we can and do sand and finish the new wood and we won't have to do anything to the rest of the floor. Unfortunately, there a times when the entire floor needs to be sanded and finished.  Hardwood flooring changes color when it is exposed to sunlight. In the photo to the left, you can see the area in the center of the photo was protected from UV exposure by an area rug. The flooring that was hidden under the rug appears exactly as it looked when it was first sanded and finished. It is red oak and has a pinkish tone The flooring around the edges of the room has a golden tone, from years of exposure to sunlight. Oak gets lighter with UV exposure.

Some species of wood lighten with exposure to sunlight. Others will get darker over time. Either way, if your flooring has changed color, it will need to be sanded and finished when we sand and finish the new installation. If the existing flooring was refinished recently, and it still looks new, we should be able to match the new flooring without refinishing everything.